Hawk Fitness Academy


Child Information

(**Please be sure to have child bring emergency or required medications (i.e., inhalers) to every camp session.**)


Participant represents that participant does not have any medical conditions that would prevent participation in the program. Participant has adequate health insurance to cover the costs of treatment in the event of any injury. Participant represents and agrees that participant will observe all state and federal laws and University of Kansas policy and safety rules in conjunction with participation in the above identified program. If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid by a court of law, then it is agreed and intended that all the remainder shall, notwithstanding, continue in full force and effect. I am signing this Agreement on behalf of a minor Participant. I acknowledge that I am the Guardian/Parent of the Participant and that I understand the terms of this Agreement. I also acknowledge that these terms shall bind my heirs and personal representatives and the heirs and personal representatives of Participant.

Waiver and Release

The Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences does not require a child’s physical release form to participate in Hawk Fitness Academy. If needed/preferred, please print, complete and provide the following Child Physical Assessment Form on the first day of the session. Access the form here (pdf).

In Consideration of the University of Kansas providing instruction class to me (or my minor child), I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the University of Kansas its Health Sport and Exercise Science Department (HSES), the State of Kansas, University of Kansas, University of Kansas Athletic Corporation, and their employees and agents from all claims, demands and causes of actions of any kind, and from all liability for damages of every kind, which may arise out of my participation in the classes or programs of HSES, including, but not limited to, event participation, practice and travel to and from all activities.

By selecting "Yes" for this waiver and release, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above statements and I hereby voluntarily agree to them.

Photo/Video Release

Agreement by the subject to confer rights to use video(s) by the HSES Department, University of Kansas

I hereby give my consent for my son or daughter to be photographed or video graphed during the KU Hawk Fitness Academy, in the HSES Department, University of Kansas to be used as an instructional video to train instructors for the KU Hawk Fitness Academy and promotional content.

Child's Race & Ethnic Background